Miyar Kishtwar

Remote Miyar valley is situated in NW of Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Miyar valley is stretching over 100 kms from Udaipur to great Kang la pass. Miyar is known as valley of flowers. It’s an unspoilt area similar to Zanskar and local people in the area follow Buddhist customs and are mainly shepherds and farmers. During summer cultivating green peas, potatoes and Barley are main cash crop in the valley. July and August is prime time to visit this magnificent valley, blossom with high altitude flowers, rare Blue poppy is quite famous among all. Miyar valley is comparatively easy to reach by road and there are plenty of unspoilt things to explore which is still hidden to outside world. Potala adventurers share this magnificent valley to its visitor to experience this wonderful valley.


"Thanks to the help of Prem and Tenzin. We were able to Ski in the Tharang area in Miyar valley. Everything was well organized and all the people were very realistic. We will choose them again. Thank you. The Skiers from Switzerland."

Mr.Jonas, Lukas, Robi & Sandro,  SWITZERLAND  - 6 to 27 May, 2017
Mr.Jonas, Lukas, Robi & Sandro, SWITZERLAND - 6 to 27 May, 2017

"Perfect organization. Everything was on spot on and on time, even by Swiss standards. Extraordinary food ! Great cooks that make even bad weather a pleasure (Michelin 5* award). Thoroughly recommend Potala Adventures to anyone who is keen to have a good time in the mountains." Manali mus pasitiko Prem iš Potala ...

Gedas, Aras, Cyrill & Elias - Zurich - SWITZERLAND
Gedas, Aras, Cyrill & Elias - Zurich - SWITZERLAND