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This is an agreement between POTALA ADVENTURERS hereafter called the organizer and following people called CLIENTS:


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             Bajogi. Vill Siyal, Manali – 175131, Himachal Pradesh, India
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Please you must insure before commencing trekking, travelling, adventure travel, climbing, any sorts of adventure activities are not risk free. There is risk of Altitude sickness (AMS acute mountain sickness),
Where medical attention and evacuation may not be available in remote area, injury and death caused by falling rocks, avalanches, crevasses, while crossing high passes, miss-step falling, land-slides, weather may change to extreme conditions huge snow-fall, heavy rain, falling from temporary bridges, encounter with wild and domestic animal yak, Dzo, trekking horses/mules uncertainty caused injury.
These injury or accident are possible if you unaware of it however there are rare chances of injury cause guide and staff are there for your utmost safety all during the trek and tour.

  1. I accept that agency will not be responsible for any accident that may occur during the trekking, or travelling.
  2. I accept that agency will not be responsible for any loss of personal nature during the trip.
  3. I accept responsibility for my own welfare any and all risks that may arise in connection with this trip.
  4. I accept and acknowledge that I am voluntary participating on this adventure travel trip.

I understood and state that I have read carefully above given statement and safety while travelling, trekking or trek climb. Therefore I assume full responsibility of myself, any sorts of accidents injury, death or loss of personal belongings that occurs with me, POTALA ADVENTURERS, its owner and their staff, employees, associates, suppliers and affiliated companies, will not be responsible. I am fully in good physical condition and able to take part in this trekking tours organise by Potala adventurers. The term hereof shall serve as release assumption of risk for me, my heirs, administrators, and executors and for all members of my family.