Treks for (River Rafting)

With an easy access from Manali, Rafting on Beas River is a fantastic opportunity to Raft over Himachal most popular Rafting River. Beas River rich in water which flows through entire Kullu valley of Himachal.
Join Potala Adventurers one day Rafting adventure. This delightful and thrilling activity runs throughout the year except two months of rainy season during July and August. Minimum age required is 12 years. With a skilled Raft guide you will be given pre raft training and precaution. Periodically safety measure control by department of tourism. Grade II beginner rafting locations are at Raison and Babeli where Rafting length stretches between 2.5 to 3.5 kms which offers clear passage and safe water. More experienced rafter location is at Pirdi which provide Grade III and IV rapids, where raft length stretches between 7 and 14 kms which provides narrow passage.
Let us know when it suits you to go for this thrilling wilderness experience.