Treks for (Rock Climbing)

Apart from other adventure activities in Manali Rock climbing is also popular among climbers. There are numerous natural climbing sites concentrated blocks within short distance of each other at Manali and suitable for all kinds of climbers ranging from beginners  to experts (5+ to 7b). Just choose a climb that is best for you and you’re all set to go. Nearest climbing site is at Aleo and Chichoga forest. Most of rocks are solid granite mix.

Aleo - Chichoga forest Site
A 15 minutes drive will take you to Aleo, located 3 kms South of Manali. While an excellent site for beginner and advance climber. There are numbers of rocks with marked routes Salsa(F6b),Balance Me(F6a+),Ole Ole(F7a+)The Crack(F5c Trad).. It is also a site for trainee who go to mountaineering course at Atal Bihari Bajpayee mountaineering institute.

Solang valley Site
Located at 13 kms of distance from Manali Solang valley is another best place for rock climbing and bouldering. Mountaineering institute has installed a big climbing wall.

Vashisht Site
Numbers of boulders and rock climbing site are at above Vashisht village. Some boulders are in private Apple orchards and fields. The main rock located short before Vashisht close to Mathiana village, it is 15 to 20m suitable for rappelling.

Beyond Manali
Chatru Chotadara Site

Chatru and Chota Dara located at a distance of 70 to 90 kms from Manali in the Lahaul valley. Changes in rocks and boulders compare to Manali. Numbers of boulders at Chota Dara site and the best time to climb this in this part is June, mid July and mid Sept to mid Oct.  A week in the area

Miyar Valley Site
Miyar valley gain its name and popularity for rock climbing in the world. Located at the North West of Lahaul, its 10-11 hrs drive from Manali to Urgos. From here 2 days hike to the snout of glacier and you are all set to go. The best time to go rock climbing in the area end of August to mid of October. Numbers of boulders can be found at the base of Kang la glacier. The professional climbers find their way in high walls located at famous hanging valleys Takdung, Chudong glacier. Castle peak is famous among rock climbers. Minimum of a week to maximum of three weeks in the area is suitable for beginner and professional climbers.